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Prevent Tick Bites and Tickborne Diseases

The best way to prevent tickborne diseases is to prevent tick bites. In Vermont, most tickborne illnesses occur between the early spring and late fall - the time of year when blacklegged ticks are active. Read more (link goes to the Vt. Dept. of Health website)


Flu shots are now available for adult patients, please call us at (802) 295-6132 and schedule yours today!


Kid Stuff Magazine Educational Articles

Please feel free to click here to read some great articles by our providers on the Kid Stuff website!
When (and How) to Treat a Child’s Fever (external link)


Please see important information on the Zika virus.

Click on these links to learn more.
What Can Be Done
For Pregnant Women (Living in Areas with Zika)
For Men with Pregnant Partners (Living in Areas with Zika)
Mosquito Bite Prevenstion for Travelers

Performance Results

graph-icon_48 Click here to learn more about chronic diseases that we have been tracking with our patient population! We also have some great graphs that track our performance that will be continually updated!

Insurance Card

Don’t forget to bring in your insurance card whenever you visit us! Without a card, we cannot properly authorize testing or submit your claims.

Is Your Teen Ready for Life?

As your child becomes an adolescent, the hormonal shifts common during puberty result in emotional and physical changes. This transition can feel overwhelming; your teen’s health care provider is one person who can guide you both through this journey. Yearly check-ups, also called well child care visits, are often overlooked but can provide you with the tools to successfully transition your teen through adolescence. read more

HPV Vaccines

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Adolescent Vaccines

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Survey Results

Please click here to see results of our patient access to care survey.

Medical Release Form

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