White River Family Practice Patient Portal

  • Securely send a message to your provider
  • Receive appointment confirmations at the email address you have provided us
  • Request referral authorizations, appointments, and prescription refills
  • Receive lab results
  • View your personal health record (PHR)
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Patient Portal

Should you go to the emergency room or call your doctor?

Ear infections, fevers and ankle sprains don’t often happen at convenient times, so knowing where to go for your medical care is important. read more

Why do we ask you to bring in your medication each time we see you?

You may see a variety of health care providers—specialists, optometrists, dentists, allergists, and others, or you may visit an Emergency Room and your medications may have changed. read more

When (and how) to treat a child’s fever

When is your child’s fever something to worry about? When is it NOT okay to watch and wait at home? This question perplexes just about all parents (often in the middle of the night) and these guidelines can help your decision-making during a stressful time. While there is not a black and white answer, here are some things to consider. (CLICK HERE)

Medical Release Form

Download our Medical Release Form here

Insurance Card

Don’t forget to bring in your insurance card whenever you visit us! Without a card, we cannot properly authorize testing or submit your claims.