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Patient Portal

Help for Teen Substance Abuse

FREE confidential assessment and treatment for teens and families dealing with substance use problems. Call Second Growth toll free at 1-855-290-2822. Click here for more info.

Performance Results

graph-icon_48 Click here to learn more about chronic diseases that we have been tracking with our patient population! We also have some great graphs that track our performance that will be continually updated!

Lessons from the Cow Barn

Suggestions for raising self-reliant children

“Where’s the manual?” asked one of the moms in the cow barn. She was referring to that much-sought-after parenting manual on raising children. We were in the 4-H dairy barn of a local fair while our children were making their cows beautiful with special shampoos, clippers, blow dryers and hair spray before they paraded them into the show ring. We laughed, because as we discovered long ago, there is no manual. That’s too bad, because raising kids is hard and we certainly could use some guidance. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE)

Medical Release Form

Download our Medical Release Form here

Insurance Card

Don’t forget to bring in your insurance card whenever you visit us! Without a card, we cannot properly authorize testing or submit your claims.