How to Make the Most of Your Telehealth Visit

1) Become Familiar with the technology. Check out our HIPAA compliant Zoom and contact us with questions. We will continue to offer visits through other means, including the phone.

2) Allot enough time. We would like to start on time, but your provider could be delayed in caring for another patient. Please choose a time that is convenient for you and when you will not feel rushed.

3) Choose a good place. Ensuring a quiet place with good lighting will allow for easier communication. If you are assisting someone, make sure that they will be close by for the visit. Teenagers should have privacy for the visit, as they would in our office.

4) Send us information in advance. Many patients send us blood pressure readings, blood sugar readings or photos of a skin lesion in advance of their appointment. These can be sent over the portal or through our secure email, If you can please try to download items as a PDF document. (Please note, you will not receive a reply to your email.)

5) Take your vital signs. If you have the monitors at home, please check your weight, temperature, blood pressure, pulse oximetry (oxygen level), or blood sugar. For children, please check height.

6) Ensure you have a discussion with one of our medical assistants. Expect to be contacted by one of our medical assistants to review your medications, allergies, recent health changes and concerns. If your visit is approaching and we have not reached you, call us at (802) 295-6132 to see if someone is available for this discussion.

7) Have all medications nearby and check to see if you need refills.

8) Go to our website to fill out forms. These are the same forms we would give you in the office to help with monitoring your health. The What Matters Index is a short survey we are employing as a quick “check-up”.

9) Be prepared for your specific concern. For example:
a. Skin rashes, moles or new bumps. These are best seen with a series of high quality photos. Please take at least one from far enough away that your provider can see the extent of the skin concern and location on your body. Then, take several that are closer to allow for examination of color and texture. To help with size, please put a ruler or common object, like a coin, next to the skin concern.
b. For back pain, joint issues, headache, balance or numbness/tingling, please ensure that your provider can watch you walk and move. Usually this involves setting up a stand for the video or asking another person to hold your phone or computer.

10) Understand that telehealth may lead to an in-person encounter. Your telehealth visit might necessitate an office visit, laboratory work, imaging studies or other referrals. The telehealth is still valuable to ensure that we move things along quickly to address your concerns.

11) Enjoy your visit. We have set aside time to spend with you for your medical concerns. Our goal is to ensure that you are in the best possible health through these difficult times!