Patient Asthma Resources

Asthma is an important, and potentially serious, health condition that affects children and adults. We have attached several resource videos and websites for patients and their families about asthma. Asthma Basics: Asthma Basics is a 50-minute online learning tool that teaches people about asthma. The course is appropriate for anyone with asthma, as well as parents, caregivers, friends, and family. Participants learn to:
  • Identify and manage asthma symptoms
  • Understand the value of an Asthma Action Plan
  • Respond to a breathing emergency
Asthma Basics includes videos and printable documents, plus animated graphics that show the three primary changes in the airways during an asthma episode. Another resource available online to teach kids and parents about asthma is Lungtropolis®: Where Kids with Asthma Learn to Play. Kids become asthma control agents and must use their knowledge gained through the modules of the program to defeat the mucus mob. Lungtropolis is based on information from the Open Airways For Schools® program. Learn more about Lungtropolis here: or It is also very important to appropriately use your asthma medications. Here is a helpful link with more information on this topic. White River Family Practice works with the Vermont Blueprint for Health and the Vermont Department of Health to improve the delivery of asthma care in our community. We would like to thank Jane Wolworth from the Vermont Department of Health Access for sharing these tools with us.