clock2 Ear infections, fevers and ankle sprains don’t often happen at convenient times, so knowing where to go for your medical care is important.  According to a recent study, the average length of stay in an emergency room is more than four hours. We may be able to help you avoid that.

The first step in seeking care in the appropriate setting is usually a phone call to your health care provider.  

Phone access

clock3 White River Family Practice offers 24/7 access to health professionals who can assess common conditions and direct patients to appropriate care. Keep our number—802-295-6132– nearby (i.e., on the refrigerator and in your wallet) so you can access us when you need to.

Our office

Our office is still the best place to go for situations that do not require immediate attention. We have your records, know your health history, and can help determine which type of care is best for you. Call our office and make an appointment for issues that can wait until the next day, or after the weekend.

clock1 If you have a question about whether you should go to the emergency room, call our offices, day or night, and ask to speak to a nurse or a provider about the problem. We want you to get the care you need, when you need it. We can sometimes call the ER and alert them to your arrival so you may have less of a wait to be seen.