Information to help parents guide the way with talks about Sexuality and Sex

October is Let’s Talk Month…but any month is great!

  • UNDERSTAND why your child needs to understand about sexuality and sex.  Sex is everywhere and kids receive conflicting information – “Sex is VERY important and DON”T talk about it”
  • ENCOURAGE communication by reassuring your children that you can talk about anything
  • Take advantage of TEACHABLE moments such as a friend’s pregnancy, news articles or TV show to start a conversation
  • LISTEN more than you talk.  
  • ANSWER questions simply and directly.  Give factual, honest and simple answers
  • But, DON’T WORRY if you don’t have all the answers.  You can work together with your child to get the answer and you can model using reliable resources.
  • REFLECT on your own values around sex so you will be more comfortable in the discussion
  • RESPECT your child’s views and REASSURE them that they are normal as are their questions and thoughts.
  • Don’t JUMP to conclusions.  Asking about sex does not mean that a child or teen is having or thinking about having sex
  • Discuss that at times your teen may be more comfortable talking with someone other than you.  Together, identify other TRUSTED ADULTS

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